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        Solbar Ningbo Protein Technology Co., Ltd. is a global-leading protein manufacturer founded in Ningbo in October 2003. The company has been dedicating to the industry of increasing the natural nutritional value for applications in the food and beverage, nutritional supplements, and dietary supplement markets with plant proteins. Solbar focuses on the soy protein industry and inherits over 30 years of cutting-edge production technology and research and development capabilities from Israel's Solbar, along with more than 20 years of industry accumulation and continuous innovation from the Wonderful Industrial Group. 

         Solbar has a complete production line for a wide range of products, including soybean procurement, low-temperature extraction, soy protein isolation, non-functional concentrated protein, functional concentrated protein, and texturized proteins (Texturized Soy Protein Concentrate, Textured Fibrous Vegetable Protein). The production lines can meet the customized needs of different customers, creating value for clients. Adapting to people's pursuit of a better life and healthy dining, Solbar has developed a series of well-known brands such as Solbar, Wonderful, Contex, Solcon, Soytex, Solpro,and has become one of the major producers in the soy protein industry.

        The company adheres to the mission of "Enriching Protein Nutrition, Enhancing Life Vitality" with the vision of "Becoming a global leading expert in protein development and application." Its cooperation goal is to build a "Refined, International, Modern, Standardized, and Innovative" enterprise. The company aims to create values around customer needs, high-quality products, transformative and innovative developments. In the foreseeable future, Solbar is evolving into an enterprise that upholds the Artisan spirit, establishes a global perspective, embraces a dynamic philosophy, adheres to standardized development, and uses innovation as a driving force to build a sustainable and social-responsible company.



    Solbar Ningbo Protein Technology Co.,Ltd.
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