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    The 1st Forklift Race

    In an effort to enrich employees’ life, and improve forklift drivers’ driving skills to further enhance working safety awareness, Solbar Ningbo held the 1st Forklift competition among forklift drivers on December 8, 2018 in plant. The event is organized by our EHS Department, drivers with forklift certificates proactively participate in this race. The winter was cold, while the atmosphere was hot. Laughing and fighting all around, the race brought to a successful close. Mr. Wang Fengfeng won the first place, Mr. Li Xiufeng and Mr. Geng Jigang were the second and the third. Mr. Shang Chao, Mr. Zhou Guangli, Mr. Ren Shuai, Mr. Gu Rui, Mr. Yu Xintao, Mr. Liu Jiming, Mr. Zhang Xingbing were all placed the fourth in the race. Congratulations to them.


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