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    36km Hiking around Dongqian Lake

     It is just the year that Solbar Ningbo factory have been established for 18 years, we welcome the 3rd season of outdoor training. After a meticulous planning among our team, finally we choose 36km Hiking around Dongqian Lake. 18 years old is a big milestone in everybody’s life development, the day stands for we are going to take our own responsibility and live for alone. God presented us some special challenges with heavy rains and strong wind for the whole day. All the team members worn raincoat hiking in the rain for the whole day, though speed difference, nobody give up. With belief to accompolish the target, we all deliver the excellent result on this race, which proved the potential of our team, far beyond our expectation. As long as you have a clear target, with correct direction and persevering executive force, you will be there with your dreams. We have to pay our respects to our team and to 18 years of Solbar. 

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