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    Company Tour Jiangxi Longhu Mountain

    It is a tradition in Solbar Family to have all employees tour in one place of interest in China each year and we have been walking and climbing together over 10 years in many famous mountains in China. Each year is the same and each year is also different, this year, we challenged Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi. The weather was so nice and we as Solbar members were so cheerful that we can relax ourselves with all our colleagues. We were laughing, talking, joking etc. on the way for the whole journey, and it was full of joy. We were shocked by the magical creativity of nature,and deeply felt that life itself is a miracle. Three days passed so quickly, we were so relunctant to say goodbye to the wonderful view. Most importantly, we Solbar people are close to each other again. I believe we all Solbar people will bear in mind forever that we are together at Longhu Mountain in 2017.




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