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    Spring Outing

    The trees are in full bloom, presenting a colorful scene of great charm in March. It is the best time for us to enjoy a tour in Spring, a season of rebirth and renewal. The Labor union of Solbar organized an outing to see peach blossom and cole flowers in the suburbs. Drinking water, breakfast was prepared by Solbar, employees launched a journey happily with families.

    A gentle breeze was blowing, flowers perfumed the air. Colleagues like friends, laughing, chatting freely. It seemed the valley echoed our voices, which relieved the pressure from fast-paced city life. We saw the land of Peach Blossoms, known as one of the places of interest in China and enjoyed a large of rape, yellow and charming. We felt that we were the one with nature.

    Colleagues are more familiar with each other besides work and it is a newly sharing memory among them, which will be more and more in the future and we will be together tour more places and together move forward the development of Solbar and personal career. It was really an unforgettable experience!


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