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    2018 Annual Tour

    May is a tourist month for Solbar family each year. We together climb well-known mountains and rivers in China and experience strong cultural ambience and unique regional charm and features, chatting, laughing all the way.

    The weather was fine on May 24, we company all the staff gathered at the company gate early in the morning, and then take the shuttle bus to Hengdian City, where is famous for film shooting center in China. We experienced classics named strange stories from a Chinese studio, and watched the love story in Song Dynasty between Emperor Huizong and Li Shishi, also toured the imitated Old Summer Palace to feel the grandness of the buildings. We passed by Xianju, an extremely fantastic place with wonderful views, where we breath freely, relax ourselves and close to the nature intimately. Walking, climbing all the way.

    Enjoying the sight of East Lake in Linhai and climbing so called Great Wall in Changjiang River, we looked down at the whole city, the pretty sights along the way all come to our view, as flying freely in the sky, so cool and funny.

    What deserves to be mentioned is meals which are very tasty and diverse, impressed all of us. It is not so easy to make such a good arrangement on the way for the whole trip. How lucky and happy we are!

    Our life is enriched in this annual tour, friendship among employees are deepened with new footprints. Live a happy life and work a joyous wok continues as our theme in Solbar, we are always together fighting for a better life and bright future.


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