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    Quality and Food Safety Policy
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    It is Solbar Ningbo's policy that our business success primarily depends on quality and safety of the products that we provide to our customers. The quality and food safety issue are a major part of company's business point of view and we place it on the top of our list priorities. We will express this list of priorities in every manner that can contribute to the continuous improvement of quality and safety of our products. Due to our commitment to fulfil the quality and food safety requirements, we adopt food safety management system according to FSSC22000, HACCP, HAS and Kosher principles. We are committed to meet all mandatory legislative requirements relevant to our field of activity(national and international standards, laws, regulations and commands) and all the quality and food safety requirement of our customers. We will work with high-quality suppliers that can guarantee supply of high-quality and safe products and have a certified and approved quality and food safety systems. We will implement a continuous process of improvement, which will be based on periodic setting of goals and objectives in the fields of quality and food safety, in our goal to assure our customer's satisfaction and providing optimal response to their needs. The Quality and Food Safety Policy will be distributed to explained periodically to all the company's employees. The employees will be trained and guided on the importance, implementation and understanding of the quality and food safety policy. We will allocate all the necessary resources for the implementation of the company's quality and food safety policy out of complete faith that this is necessary for our success and progress.


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