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    EHS Policy
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    Environment, health and safety(hereinafter call EHS) is an important part of our business. To specify the development direction and action plan of the company safety production, the following EHS policy is made purposely.                                                                      

    As an employee with a sense of social responsibility,Solbar commits to protect natural environment and occupational health of everyone on working site,hence we will do:                                      

    Set up  typical examples on environment, health and safety, and minimize the pollution and health safety risk, insisting on sustainable development;                                                    

    Conduct necessary environment, health and safety work while doing business;                                  

    Abide by related laws and regulations, as well as other requirements;                                          

    Set up and implement EHS management system,promote the continuous improvement on our environment, health and safety procedures as well as the performance;                  

    Provide necessary leadership and resources to achieve environment, health and safety target and indicator;                                                                                                                            

    Establish company EHS responsible culture with everyone involved.                                          

    We will jointly implement this policy with all employees, vendors, other serving parties.                

    Benefit: Environment, health and safety management system help us protect natural environment and prevent incident and guarantee work safety.    


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