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    EHS Activities
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    Safety Guarantee Fund System Implementation

    Our company has set up a Safety Guarantee Fund System Implementation to maintain a good and reliable trend on our safety production, below are the main pushing factors:

    · Safety Production Responsibility
    · Restraint Mechanism
    · Reduce and Control on Accident rates
    · Improvement of safety awareness for all employees
    · Practicing achievements and penalties on safety accordingly
    · Sharing and tracking of near misses 

    EHS Trainings

    Enterprises are not only responsible for the mission of social progress, but are also closely related to family happiness of all employees. For the sake of employees working safety, Solbar will hold EHS trainings for all employees on a regular basis,such as risks identification training etc. so that we employees and families can enjoy a healthy, safe, harmonious environment in our life. On one hand, safety awareness of all employees can be enhanced via training,on the other hand,the ability of employees on risks identification and hands-on skill can be improved. We shall develop the performance of enterprises and human spirit simutaneously.


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